The Fast Move!

by Shirley Frantz 06/24/2020

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Ever had to move in a hurry? The job offer is great, but the training starts in a week … three states away. Time to pack up the house—quick! Here are some tips to make the process of relocating all your possessions easier and faster.

Buy Your Boxes

If possible, buy your moving boxes. Compare prices. The moving store might not have the best price, but a home improvement store might have excellent prices. You may find your catch-all grocery store has a better deal. When it comes to packing and loading a truck, having uniform square boxes is much better than dealing with different sizes and shapes.

Moving Supplies

Vacuum seal bags are a terrific way to shrink down many puffy items, like comforters, sheets, pillows and winter gear. This is a great space saver and worth the extra expense, even if only for the bedding. While you’re purchasing your boxes, don’t forget all the other moving supplies. You’ll need several rolls of tape, paper for wrapping, bubble wrap for fragile items and some mover’s wrap to protect furniture and electronics. And don’t forget the markers!

Pack or Purge?

Some people like to purge as they pack, but remember you’re on a tight deadline. If you can quickly make decisions and toss some items you no longer need as you pack, great! But it you need to stop and think or if there’s an attachment to certain things, you may want to just move it for now and purge when you unpack. The goal is to get it in a box and get it moved to the new place.

A Box for Everything

Remember everything must go in a box, so try not to ignore closets and other nooks and crannies till the last minute. It’s easier to focus on the big stuff, but it all has to go. Depending on how far you’re going and if you’re driving vehicles in addition to your moving truck, you may be able to lay some things in the back of a car, like clothes or large pictures. Otherwise, just get it in a box, tape it and mark it.

New Home

As you’re packing and pulling all the details together for your new adventure, be sure to look up the local real estate office in your new town and ask them to be on the lookout for your new home. They can do some advance research based on your preferences and have some places ready for you to view when you arrive with all your quickly and neatly packed belongings.

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